May 3, 2011

Oh, What a Wild Ride!

Hang on, lovers of the Disneyland Resort! Seems like Mr. Toad won't be the only one taking us on a wild ride this summer.

With Ariel's Undersea Adventure preparing to submerge guests under the sea at California Adventure within a matter of weeks, and R2D2 blasting us into the worlds of Star Wars at Disneyland during the same timeframe, the summer of 2011 looks to be one in which the lines are long. Very long, and maybe for the first time, California Adventure's attendance will go nose to nose with Walt's park.

Let's hope that is the case! If high numbers come in filling the queues, shops, and restaurants- not to mention the hotels- this will be very pleasing to the big suits at the House of Mouse. Then we might just discover that all those plans for California Adventure's Phase Two could truly come to pass, layering more detail upon detail, attraction upon attraction. Maybe this little park could become a worthy addition to the Disneyland Resort after all.
(Photo copyright Mark Taft.)

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