January 23, 2011

Here's to Life!

In the United States, today is Sanctity of Life Sunday. The year was 1983, and then President Ronald Reagan proclaimed a national day to honor the intrinsic value of human life and the basic right to life of each human being, beginning in utero. It was a bold proclamation that would delight some and anger others.

However, let me be the first to day that the value of life is just as important. Not as a measurement tool to decide whether life should continue or not, but as a reminder that all of us as part of the human race can and should participate in making someone's life better than what it would be if we were not involved.

This can take on a wide variety of involvement. Help stop human trafficking. Feed the poor. Mentor a teen. Help build a home. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Visit people in prison. Care for the widows and orphans. In other words, put your love and care into action. It's the model of things first practiced by Jesus Christ himself, who out of his love for mankind, not his condemnation of it, came to the earth to die for the sins of the world. He took his message and put feet to it. Here's to life and here's to love- as modeled by God himself.

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