December 6, 2010

650lb Virgin Revisited

What ever happened to the "650 lb Virgin"? David Smith (above left) is the young man that was miraculously transformed by his hard work with the coaching of Chris Powell.
At the beginning of this amazing transformation, David was direly in need of help.
Even after his weight loss, surgeons had to work hard to remove excess skin. Beyond the total transformation, something great also occurred: a deep friendship and a new business "Reshape the Nation".

It is the epitome of the great American Success Story. For a nation in midst of struggles, confusion, and a loss of identity, the story of David Smith inspires us to be better than we are! It all just goes to show that changing our ways as well as our words can lead to a better future.

(Note: If you have the photo credits, please pass them on and I will post them! Thanks.)

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Anonymous said...

David has regained some of the weight... but has been losing it again. I heard he finally found a serious girlfriend.