October 12, 2010

No Accident

Ever wonder why some things happen and some things don't?

My brother in law and his daughter were in a very serious accident a few days ago. She was driving, and they were hit by a driver running through a red light at full speed. Not being the first car to move ahead when the light turned green, she didn't expect what happened next.

T boned at full speed, he immediately passed out due to losing so much blood. Medics airlifted him out after they cut him out of the car. My niece freaked, thinking her dad was dead. She immediately called her Mom who was 1500 miles away, screaming on the phone. Since my niece was ultimately only bruised in several places, medics drove her by ambulance to the hospital an hour away.

Shattered nose and sinus cavities, broken bones in his face at several spots, and a fractured hip, my brother in law should have been much worse off than he was. He'll be in a walker for a couple of months, but by all accounts from the police, medics, and doctors, he should have been dead. My niece would have died had she been in the passenger side instead of him. Her body wouldn't have been strong enough to endure the impact.

Why were they spared and others are not? I don't know, but I am thankful. Only God knows why- but this I do know: God chooses to allow what He does to ultimately draw others to Him, displaying his love, and having things happen for his eternal purposes. Nothing is by accident.

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Anonymous said...

beautiful. God bless!