July 26, 2010

Last Trip to Endor: Star Tours Headed to an Upgrade!

It was thrilling upon opening. (I was there!) Now, it is passe, with its ideas borrowed at shopping malls all over America. And it was borrowed by Disney itself when Body Wars opened at Epcot in Future World's Wonders of Life pavilion.

Star Tours at Disneyland finally closes tonight for a long deserved upgrade. Too many questions waiting to be answered!

Will it incorporate aspects of Tokyo Disney Sea's Stormrider? Probably. Is Imagineering's Tom Fitzgerald the right guy to direct the work from Disney's end opposite George Lucas? Most likely. Film is his thing. Will the end result draw in the crowds? Yes, the effects should astound even in 3D. Will the revamp be the last thing for Disneyland for awhile? Only if Tron:Legacy bombs...
(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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