June 28, 2010

Progress City, U.S.A.: Tim Delaney

Take a look at this great piece of art for Hong Kong Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean with a Splash Mountain ending. Ex-Imagineer Tim Delaney has just launched a website, and the always impressive Progress City, U.S.A. blog highlights his work with a terrific post.

Look closely at the site, and you'll find beautiful pieces on the stunning Discoveryland from Disneyland Paris as well. After viewing his work, it is all the more obvious that the suits killed the funds for California Adventure. Tim's pieces for the underfunded project are on his site as well. All said, you just have to go look for yourself. Thanks, Tangaroa and Beacon Joe for bringing this to our attention!
(Art copyright Tim Delaney and the Walt Disney Company.)

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