June 25, 2010

The Million Dollar Disney Experience

Ever dream of living on the Walt Disney World property? Now you can in a whole new way. (Before you say "Celebration", remember the company sold it off long ago.) The new Golden Oak community begins its presale phase, offering homes close to the new Four Seasons Resort for a cool one million plus dollars.

Ah, to live the Disney life with special benefits! Close to the parks, VIP transportation and more. It's almost as if you never have to touch base with reality. Lest I sound like I am pointing fingers, let me tell you it sounds very appealing to me! Let's all just check out from reality permanently.

Sometimes it is a struggle not to run and hide from the real world into all things Disney. To keep that balance, to maintain the sense of purpose that each of us are called to, to stay healthy, we certainly need to remember we live in a real world, not Fantasyland.
(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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