June 11, 2010

It's Showtime!

Disney's World of Color water show finally makes its official debut tonight at California Adventure!

The second park in Anaheim, which opened to dismal reviews in 2001, needs the presentation to be a resounding success. Disneyland, Walt Disney's original kingdom, still packs in the crowds after almost 55 years, but its smaller sister park is still the ugly stepchild. And the numbers show it.

In many ways, World of Color is the beginning of Phase Two- and a major step in the billion dollar transformation of the park by the Walt Disney Company Imagineers. These creative genuises were strangled by a slashed budget and limited vision by the company suits last time. Now, they have a chance to prove they can rebuild a park that would make Walt proud. Let's see what happens...
(Photo copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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