May 14, 2010

Shocking Encounter

I talk to everyone- waitresses, folks working at department stores, guys on the treadmill working out next to me. It's a habit- and I always learn interesting bits of truth and data.

Recently, my wife and I traveled to Asia to visit some friends. One day while sipping some tea, I was talking to a man I had happened to strike up a conversation with. As it would happen, this guy told me he had lived under the former Soviet Union for much of his life. I asked about the differences living under that regime compared to his current living situation. What he told me shocked me to the core.

It wasn't about the horrible living conditions, the second rate food available at the markets, or the poor healthcare. It was even about having to live under the watchful eye of the KGB. It was his last comments that struck me.

After telling me he had spent the previous three years living in the States, he ended his conversation like this: "I see so many things happening in your country that remind me of when communism took over. It starts off very subtle- as if the government wants to help the people. There is much propoganda. Then it quickly changes as force is used when the common man protests. Your President Obama is taking your government down the same course, and it seems your countrymen are willing to go along with it all."

Just sharing what I heard. Come to your own conclusions.

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