April 13, 2010

Disney's Kingdom Principles

Do you enjoy a little thought provoking controversy with your dose of Disney movies and parks? If so, this is the Disney book for you!
Following up his best selling book on television's The Simpsons, author Mark I. Pinsky reviews 31 Disney movies (up through Brother Bear) and reveals some of the philosophy, theology and ingenuity behind each one.

Although this book is a fairly new gift from a friend, it has actually been in print from 2004. If you pick it up expecting stories in line with the sexually aroused priest in The Little Mermaid or the gay undertones of Beauty and the Beast's villain Gaston, you're out of luck. Although revealing some downsides to the films when viewed through a Judeo-Christian lens, Pinsky also stresses the upside morals and life lessons inherent in most all of them. Additionally, he goes beyond the expected, venturing into deeper waters of The Walt Disney Company, its corporate culture and its ultimate god: Money.

As a side note, the Disney theme parks are also a subject of discussion but only for a single chapter. Pinsky rightly recognizes a trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World is now a right of passage for most middle class children.

Love it, hate it, or just fascinated by it, The Gospel According to Disney is one interesting read.

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