February 5, 2010

Paradise Pier Sparkles

Let's be honest: I really don't like the concept of a Disneyfied carnival in any of the parks, and I have been a pretty vocal critic of its execution. That said, in the evening, Paradise Pier- and really the entire park- takes on an entirely different and quite magical feeling.

This unique piece of concept art gives a small taste of what magic seems to be waiting after dark. Surprisingly, even the most ordinary of attractions, such as the Golden Zephyr, become quite enjoyable in the cool dark evening. The whole land just sparkles with great lighting, adding to the atmosphere and making up for the relative shortage of true Disney quality attractions. The nighttime is transforming. The pier's major attraction, California Screamin' takes on a whole new feel then, and zooming high above Disneyland Resort landmarks becomes California Adventure's equivalent of a ride on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad over at Disneyland. Too much fun!

When World of Color debuts, plans are to keep the park open later than it is at present. Maybe, just maybe, the soon coming Little Mermaid 's adventure and some new shops and eateries will make Paradise Pier a must see. That would be the most magical thing of all.
(Concept art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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