February 4, 2010

Karen Carpenter: Anything But An Ordinary Fool

Today marks the 27th anniversary of the death of Karen Carpenter.
As the Carpenters, she and her brother Richard crafted some of the most beautiful music of the latter half of the twentieth century. 
Maybe of the century. 

Musical artists as Madonna to Gloria Estefan and seemingly thousands of others praised Karen's golden voice and Richard's thoughtful arrangements, but it was their fans that made her a star. The warmth of her voice, the accessibility of their music, and the overall fine choice of song, arrangement, and production made them an act that would endure.

Hit after hit graced the airwaves until this day in 1983. Then it stopped- only to be heard again at Christmas when their Merry Christmas Darling remains a must hear.

So, today especially, rest in peace, Karen. And thank you for the music.
Note: The impact of their music is profound. As part tribute and part review, I have begun a series of posts about each album. For those interested, the series begins here.

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