November 19, 2009

Give It A Rest

Overexposed celebrities range from the truly talented to those who have nothing more to offer than outrageous personal lives or incredibly beautiful looks. Without further ado, here is my list overexposed folks who need a rest from the media.

Remember, we made this situation what it is by our fascination with them, and I am guilty as charged...

Tom Cruise- Whether it is pimping his latest movie or waxing on about Scientology, I'd love to see him get some rest. Us, too.

Oprah- She's so big that we don't even use her last name anymore. The big "O" is everywhere. She's an industry unto herself and a generous one at that. However, the American public, and perhaps even Oprah herself, takes her way too seriously. How can they not when we cannot get away from her long enough to think for ourselves. 2011 cannot come soon enough.

Madonna- The music industry's queen of self-promotion. Go back to making the great music that made you shine. Haven't seen it for about a decade now. Will we again?

Rush Limbaugh- I already turn him off. Off the radio and the television. I am all for free speech be it MSNBC to Fox News, Time Magazine to Rolling Stone, National Public Radio to Conservative Talk. But enough is enough.

Lindsay Lohan- Once talented and focused on acting. Whether stoned, drunk, or showing off her body all over Hollywood, it's a disgrace. I miss the young talent she used to be and may never be again. That said, she is everywhere- but for all the wrong reasons.

Kim Kardashian- An example of the new generation media bringing us celebrities with no purpose. Just another overexposed (in more ways than one) pretty face.

Kate and Jon Gosselin- See above description. They played the game, made the money, and now it's time to set us free from the drama.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie- OK, they do the humanitarian thing. I'm truly glad they do. The media seems to think we cannot live without hearing about them. Guess that's the norm for overexposed celebs who find themselves on the covers of magazines or in the headlines each week.

I'd like to add to this list the following: overpaid sports stars; egotistical politicians of both parties; charlatan, money-grubbing television preachers who distort God and His Word; and businessmen with no scruples that steal millions from the people they are supposed to serve.

Who do you think is overexposed and needs a rest?

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Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

I think you covered it pretty well. A could not agree more. All over-exposed and over-rated. Thanks for making clear statements about what most of use are thinking....