November 5, 2009

Fresh Beginnings

Cool article about a gal with friends in our city...
The full article and video is here.

The current affairs series examines the rise of evangelical churches in Wales for BBC One Wales on 3 November.

Becky is not a typical 25 year old - while most people her age can be found down the pub a few times a week, she attends Rhiwbina Baptist Church.

It's one of several evangelical churches in south Wales which regularly attract several hundred worshippers.
After her recent baptism, Becky said: "I'm being obedient to God … God says get baptised when you believe and I believe in Jesus, that's why I'm getting baptised today.
"You can have this freedom and amazing love that's unconditional as well and it gives you, not rules for life because it's not like living by rules ... it gives you something to live for as well."

Evangelical churches may have more worshippers than the Church in Wales. 

She added: "I'm trying to change the way I think. I'm not saying that I'm perfect … in that I'm never going to do anything wrong, and I'm never going to go out again and go out to bars and not be able to drink too much.

"I'm not suddenly this magic person that's going to do everything right. I'm still working on a lot of changes.

"You can't just say, right I'm not going to do this now. It's making a choice every day to follow Jesus."

Becky became a member of the church after going on the Alpha course. It's a hugely popular introduction to the Christian faith which more than two million people have completed in the UK.

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