August 13, 2009

Shuttered Mill in Paris

Upon its opening, EuroDisneyland was instantly the most beautiful Magic Kingdom theme park ever built. (Although I hear the upcoming Shanghai Disneyland is just as unexpectedly unique and spectaular!)

Each land of the park was given the ultimate artist's touch. Frontierland feels like a real western town, Adventureland takes on a blended African/Middle East/Caribbean flavor, and until the toons started their invasion, Discoveryland moves the Tomorrowland concept into something timeless and delightful as it's focus come mostly from Jules Verne. Main Street is equally stunning, particularly from a table at Walt's restaurant!

Fantasyland is the ultimate merging of earlier kingdoms with aspects new and stunning. Just look for photos on the internet, and you'll see Disneyland Paris is the Tokyo Disney Sea of Magic Kingdoms. Just look at the gorgeous Le Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant! But Fantasyland is not without problems...

Long shuttered is the attraction based on an original concept for Disneyland in Anaheim- a ferris wheel of sorts themed to the 1937 Disney film, The Old Mill. It was called Les Piroettes du Vieux Moulin. Once a sweet way to view the area, it now sits mostly as an excuse to hold decorations for Christmas. No matter, it is slightly hidden from view. Yet, it just goes to remind us that when it comes to any Disney park, 100% unity through perfection in design, execution, function and ongoing maintenance is unattainable.
(Art Copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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