July 16, 2009

Takes More Than Pixie Dust

Now making the rounds: a proposed Fantasyland redo for Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Includes The Little Mermaid "E" Ticket, a bunch of restaurants, and a few other nice flourishes among the shops, gardens and requisite meet and greets. Will it happen? I'll believe it when I see the concept art and the construction cranes move in. I didn't really believe such a massive redo would ever come to California Adventure, however, so I have been wrong in the past.

Are the changes necessary? Absolutely! The most beloved park in Florida needs a Fantasyland that has a beauty that extends beyond its castle. The current incarnation is charmless, flat, unimaginative. I'd love to see it- and seeing is believing.
(Blueprint copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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George Taylor said...

I find it interesting that there is such disdain for the 1971 Fantasyland. It was such a major change from the 1955 Disneyland Fantasyland that it was considered revolutionary. Of course, the 1983 redo at DL was amazing and left its younger sister in the dark.

In the 1970's, there were large planters with flowers and water features that hid the skyway towers. There was also the 20K ride which added a lot to the general feel of Fantasyland. Back then, there were nooks and crannies all over the place that added to the scene.

I agree that it needs to be updated and I hope that some of the plans come to fruition