June 15, 2009

Design Detail: Frontierland Railroad Station

To many of us "Westcoasters" nothing compares to Disneyland when it concerns the intricate details found in the park. In fact, for many of us, Florida's Magic Kingdom is dismissed with a "bigger isn't always better" attitude. On my recent trip to Florida's Walt Disney World, however, I looked for and found multitudes of detail added in by the Imagineers.

When visiting this Magic Kingdom, "doing the mountains" is as necessary a ritual as it is in California. While grabbing a necessary Fastpass for Splash Mountain (120 minutes wait in February!), I noticed the care taken in fitting the attraction with that of the very nearby Frontierland Railroad Station. This sign caught my eye, but this wasn't the only visual candy to be found. Just beyond the sign to the left is a giant courtyard which functions as the queue for Splash. In the center stands a giant tree with many lanterns of all shapes and sizes. Surrounding this gorgeous landscaped area was a very detailed series of buildings erected aound a planked boardwalk. This type of detailing would be totally necessary for just a queue. But at Disney, even in Florida, great care is taken to provide a great guest experience.
(Photography copyright Mark Taft)

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