May 25, 2009

Hit the Road Jack!

Today marks the last day that Dinosaur Jack's Sunglass Shack will be open at Disney's California Adventure. It is the next item to be removed and/or retooled in the ongoing saga of the park and the transformation of the Paradise Pier district.

Two interesting tidbits come to mind as I type this post. First, the image above is an official Disney photo- and its poor quality could also be a metaphor for the state of the park at opening in 2001. Secondly, as I looked through my own photos of trips to the Disneyland Resort, I could not find a single photo of the beast from my last six trips. Neither the original pink version or the revamped green one. (Interesting, as I love Dino Gerties at Disney's Hollywood Studios.)

The image directly comes courtesy "amandaw", and I thank her for it.

As inconvenient as it is for the whole area to be changed in preparation for the World of Color nighttime show and the Little Mermaid E ticket attraction, I trust the Imagineers and know the end result will be worth the pain. So with that, I say goodbye to Dinosaur Jack, and goodbye to the California Adventure of old and on to the new. Adios and farewell!
(Above photograph copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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