April 15, 2009

Unfinished Projects and Unrealized Dreams

Consider the following both part apology and part promise! I have so many articles in the works that my head is spinning. And this remains a season of much work that takes up my free after hours time. This should continue until September!

This year marks the anniversary of many things I have enjoyed over the years: Disney MGM Studios and Florida, the original Haunted Mansion in California, and the debut album by Karen and Richard Carpenter, Offering.

I should say, these are only the articles that have to do with the past. Still working on my continuing series on "Disney's Animal Kingdom, A True-Life Adventure", the ongoing transformation of California Adventure as told in concept art, an album by album view of music by the Carpenters (next up, my meeting them backstage in Las Vegas), and many other concept art postings on Epcot and all the Disney parks worldwide. Of course, I'll continue to add the expected movie, movie,television, and video reviews, articles on living out faith, encouragement, and stuff for friends and family.
Thankfully, I have planned ahead and have many, many posts ready to go and scheduled. So, stay tuned...

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