April 8, 2009

Rising and Falling Stars

Recapping last night's American Idol:

Danny Gokey- Nice guy, great voice, warm smile. Totally authentic. I like him, but why don’t I think he’ll go the distance? Must be song choice. "PYT" was terrific, but it has been a mixed bag since. Very, very solid. I’m rooting for him to hit the top three. Yes, sometimes, nice guys do finish first.

Adam Lambert- Last night’s performance showed a delicate phrasing reminiscent of a young George Michael. Definite stage presence, but he is a bit difficult to watch since his Elvis look a couple of weeks ago. I keep thinking kd lang here. Is America ready for its first gay idol? Probably, we’ve had them before- just didn’t always know it up front!

Kris Allen- He keeps getting better. Terrific voice and growing confidence. Knows how to "play" with the songs, changing each one to make it his own. Maybe last night’s Don Henley cover wasn’t his best- it was original- but give the kid a break. It was his first average performance so far. He may not end up the top dog, but he’s got my vote for best and most versatile voice.

Matt Giraud- Too cool. To tackle Stevie Wonder and give his song a new swing and lift it never had- wow! I’ll buy this song. Growing in confidence as a performer. A family friendly young Justin Timberlake. Give the man a contract.

Allison Iraheta - Once I heard she was going to cover the classic Bonnie Raitt song, I said, "If she can show some restraint with this, it will be amazing." She did- and finally won me over by showing she is more than a one trick rocking horse.

The rest: Lil Rounds, it’s time to go. Powerful voice, nice gal, but predictable. Anoop, above average potential with the right producer and image maker. Scott, hate to say it, but he should have departed a long time ago. Nice, talented folks, but none are in the league of those above.

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