April 30, 2009

Messing with the Pack

Adam Lambert can sing. He can peform. He can also get a bit full of himself as evidenced by Tuesday and Wednesday night's American Idol. The voters had it wrong. He deserved to go home. Why?

Pure and simple, he disrespected the genre. Messed with the Rat Pack. Sang as if he was above the great masters like Sinatra and Martin. Or even the new leaders of the pack like Michael Buble. Between the ego and the performance, it was time to go.
Matt Giraud deserved to stay. His song choice was awful- "My Funny Valentine" is just a boring song- but he is a talented, soulful singer.

Kris Allen was good and convincing (as usual), but it was Danny Gokey who rocked the night with the best peformance of his Idol career.

Let's be honest, Adam will shine next week and should probably do a Queen song. He does have the right combination of showmanship, lounge singer and sleaze. (Kara DioGuardi totally nailed the "x" factor here- the thing I couldn't put my finger on!) The next few weeks will be very, very interesting!

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