April 24, 2009

All That Jazz

In the mood for some great 80's music? If so, check out the British band Breathe. You might remember some of the old hits "Hands to Heaven", "Don't Tell Me Lies" and my favorite, "How Can I Fall?"

The band made two great A&M Records albums that were released in the United States. Breakout album "All That Jazz" came in 1988 and follow-up "Peace of Mind" arrived in 1990. Then the hits- and everything else- stopped. Relatively few folks know why, and it is a well kept secret.

Here are some videos, courtesy You Tube:
Hands to Heaven
How Can I Fall?
Don't Tell Me Lies
Does She Love that Man?
Say A Prayer

Lead singer and songwriter David Glasper promises a return to music, but so far, nothing had been set except a My Space page with a few demos. Too bad. His voice is amazing, and he is a skilled songwriter. Will we ever see it happen? Say a prayer.

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