March 12, 2009

In the Eye of the Beholder: National Air and Space Musuem

Surely to be counted among the great cities of the world, Washington DC is filled with the expected musuems and monuments. Among the most popular of these is the National Air and Space of the Smithsonians.

It was easy to spend hours here. Everywhere we looked, there were places we wanted to explore, items to be seen, history to be discovered. The photo above is one of my favorites and in expanded form, rests on the walls of my office.

A new favorite of ours is the International Spy Museum. If you have children of all ages, this is a must. The history of spying through the ages is told in an innovative way with Disney quality staging and story. After three hours of learning and adventure, we still had not seen it all!

Of course, no visit to our nations capital is complete without going to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. It is a haunting reminder of man's inhumanity to man- and the bravery of a people who continue to endure and thrive in spite of- and maybe because- of persecution. God forgive us for attempting to exterminate the Jews and bless those who strive to protect a nation that God calls His own!

Wherever you stand in the complexitites of politics and human relations, Washington DC is a living testimony of God's impact in building our nation from its inception, and it is filled with experiences unique and powerful.
(Photo copyright Lauren Taft.)

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