February 26, 2009

Escape to the Islands!

Back in 1967, Imagineer Sam McKim did this wonderful rendering of the upcoming Tahitian Terrace at Disneyland. You can enlarge it to see what a beautiful piece it is. The end result built in steel and concrete was just as amazing. Too bad it no longer exists.  spent more than a few evenings of my youth hanging out and having dinner at the Terrace over the summer evenings. With the Enchanted Tiki Room off to the side and the launches of the Jungle Cruise rounding the bend, it was as close to Polynesia as I would get until my first visit to Hawaii many years later.

Certainly this version of Adventureland initialized and fed my love of locales tropical. With Denver's upcoming snowy season a few weeks ahead, for now the islands are just a daydream!
(Concept art copyright The Walt Disney Company)

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