January 6, 2009

High Hopes for Music in 2009

OK, Sting, you and the rest of the Police made your millions and proved you could still really rock the world. Time for you to step back into the pop world again as a soloist. You've had your fun, now let's get going. (Please...)

What else do I hope for? How about a Whitney Houston album as strong as My Love is Your Love? Can't wait to find out if she still has it. Her last two- including a very ordinary Christmas album- have been mediocre at best. Hope her private life has calmed down enough so she can focus- and stay sober.

Calling Mr. Yamin, Mr. Elliott Yamin. Time for some blue-eyed soul again. I hear this one's to have a bit more of a pop flair. How about a remake or two to give us some old school? House is Not a Home? Some Stevie Wonder cover? A great duet with someone more worthy than that Katharine girl? Anxiously awaiting another outing.

Of course, I'd love something to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Karen and Richard Carpenter's first disc, but who am I kidding?
More to add to my list: Norah Jones, Daughtry, Queen Latifah, Michael Buble, Gloria Estefan, Paul McCartney, etc.

I'd even settle for some great new artists- if they could make me stand up and take notice. Requirement number 1: Must be able to sing it live, no studio tricks. Requirement number 2: Gotta be able to understand the lyrics.
High Hopes, yes, High Hopes.

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