October 16, 2008

Midnight Confessions

Sometimes midnight confessions are good for the soul. It's 2:30am- and I'm sitting here instead of sleeping. Why? Am I excited about all the new changes coming to the Disney parks in California? You bet. Did the news of new Carpenters music to come (see below) make me giddy thinking I might get to hear something new after too many years? No. (I mean come on, how long has Richard been postponing that new Christmas project? I'll believe it when I hold the disc in my hand.) What's keeping me up at this hour?

Many things, actually. A pretty ugly but overall unimportant argument with my wife. We are both tired by jobs that are heavily people focused in our respective service industries. Friends who are in pain because of the choices of their kids. (Don't our children, or people in general, know that our individual choices affect everyone around us? We are designed for community after all, and we don't live in a vacuum.) Hmmm, what else? A newer but increasingly good friend of mine is a new frontline soldier in the battle called cancer. He's a good man- one who loves God and whose life shows it- but he is human and cannot escape his mortality. It is now staring him in the face. And we all have to deal with it eventually. That's enough for now, I guess. So its back to bed, hoping sleep with make me forget the realities of life that feel so heavy tonight.

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