October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Wonderful Wife

Dear Stephanie,

Please forgive the very public birthday greetings! But I hope you'll understand.

Many years ago, this photo was taken on our wedding day. I thought I had never seen you look more beautiful. Truth is, after so many years later, you are more and more beautiful than ever. You see, it is just not your physical beauty- which is still very much intact!- it is the quiet beauty of your character that shines from God within you. It's the smiles we share when we are both thinking the same thing. It's your great common sense and gentle sense of humor. It's how our kids adore you. It's your hard work and your optimism. All these things I only saw glimpses of years ago but are now fully in bloom. I am a blessed man because of you- and I love you more than you know and much more than I ever say.

So, Happy Birthday, my wonderful wife! Here's to many more ahead...


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