September 5, 2008

Character Invasion at Tokyo Disney Sea

Word is leaking out that the elegant and wonderful Tokyo Disney Sea is going to be invaded. A toon invasion. First up, Crush moves into the American Waterfront. Is Turtle Talk a magnificent combination of story, fun, and technology? You bet! My initial visit with him remains one of my favorite Epcot experiences of all time.

However, first and foremost, at Disney Sea, Crush is entirely out of theme on the wrong continent. What does Australia really have to do with an elegantly realized turn-of-the -century American seaport? Absolutely nothing.

This is a uniquely Disney attraction. Unfortunately, it has given birth to some pale and mediocre imitations- and a rush to place what works in one environment and bring it anywhere and everywhere else. No pun intended, but decisions like this water down the awe factor and ultimately the entire themed experience. Dig deeper, Oriental Land Company!

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