August 25, 2008

Haunted Mansion's Disquieting Metamorphosis

Regardless of its location or variation on the theme, The Haunted Mansion remains one of Disney Imagineering's greatest, most enduring achievements. Everything about it creates an unforgetable experience for the guest. The stately mansion sets the stage. Once inside the foyer and moving beyond, the infamous stretching room awaits. What happens here may set the tone for the experience to come, but the Great Hall heightens the anticipation for what lies ahead.

Above is a piece of concept art seldom seen in such a large size, depicting many differences from what was finally, ahem, executed. This is clearly a more sinister take on the room than what was built. Take particular note of the ceiling, the paintings, the art objects, the armour, the carpeting, and especially what lies at the end of the hall. A disquieting metamorphosis indeed.

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

1 comment:

ImaginingDisney said...

The Haunted Mansion draws me in everytime I visit WaltDisneyWorld.

Its recent make over has really enhanced the adventure.

I thrive in Disney History and the Haunted Mansion does have one.

So does the HM at DisneyLand. The structure for the HM at DL was built but sat for years, "Unoccupied". You'd have to find the article but part of the problem was ideas.

Walt has specific plans on his attractions but if I recall, Walt passed before the HM was active at either park.

The big decision was how to make the HM relate to the guests. Some wanted funny, some wanted scary, some suggested horror fest. I guess this went on for quite a while but the comedic and mild scare won out to the Haunted Mansions we have today.

Always worth the visit, and remember to bring your Death Certificate, theres alwasy room for one more.......