May 20, 2008

Learning the Hard Way

Lately I have been reading through the books of I and II Samuel and studying about Israel's most famous monarch, King David. Although he lived approximately 3,000 years ago, his story is timeless, and the lessons learned are still relevant today.

A large part of David's story is how he chose to follow God even during times of great challenges- like being pursued by the current king who was trying to kill him. David patiently endured. Continuing to do the right thing, he desired to honor his predessor King Saul. This did not make sense to many people. Yet David chose to submit to God's will and timing versus attempting to take the throne in his own time.

Whether personally or corporately, we could learn a great deal from him. There is much peace when we act in accordance in ways that honor people and serve them. Think of the recent actions of major corporations and their leaders which let greed, arrogance, and unhealthy ambition lead them down a destructive path. It definitely muddied Eisner's legacy at Disney; ruined Enron, hurting many people; and brought the downfall of folks like Joe Nacchio.

Choose to learn life's lessons from others who have gone before you. "Learning the hard way" is not only arrogant but foolish- and costly to you and the ones around you. Be wise and willing to prefer others. You'll always sleep well if you do.

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