May 16, 2008

Chronicles Continued

Prince Caspian opens today, the second Disney film based on The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. Should have a great crowd waiting for it. Time and profit will tell if Disney will continue on making all the books into film.

Lewis had much to say, and it was not always in an alagorical form. In his "Dogma and The Universe" in God in the Dock, he writes,
"When any man comes into the presence of God he will find, whether he wishes it or not, that all things which seemed to make him so different from the men of other times, or even from his earlier self, have fallen off him. He is back where he always was, where every man always is... Do not let us deceive ourselves. No possible complexity which we can give to our picture of the universe can hide us from God... It may happen to us at any moment. In the twinkling of an eye, in a time too small to be measured, and in any place, all that seems to divide us from God can flee away, as if nothing but He and I existed. And since that contact cannot be avoided for long, and since it means either bliss or horror, the business of life is to learn to like it. That is the first and greatest commandment."

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