April 8, 2008

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

The price of my cup of coffee is normally $1.89- Panera Bread's unlimited refill (and wonderful) Hazelnut blend. My stops at Starbucks or Caribou cost more. But it can buy even more than satisfying my need for liquid caffeine.

For the price of my daily coffee, my wife and I also provide almost 2 days worth of medical care, clothing and shelter to our Compassion International child in Ecuador! This Sunday is Compassion Sunday, when this agency focuses on gaining additional folks who are willing to literally "Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is." (That's my saying, not theirs.) 

Please check out the agency and consider making a difference that lasts longer than the time it takes to drink your favorite brew (or the length of your next trip to Disney). You'll be glad you did. Thanks.

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