April 23, 2008

Love Does Conquer All

Due to a dropped transmission in the middle of Utah several years ago, my wife and I rented this little gem to pass the time away. What a great and sweet little film this is! For those you unfamiliar with this story, the plot goes something like this: Boy meets girl, boy sleeps with girl, boy and girl conceive, and after getting married due to her Catholic upbringing, boy and girl eventually fall in love.

Matthew Perry is his usual goofy but charming self, and Salma Hayek is her usual spicy, self-assured beautiful fireball. Yet, they make a great team- and it is the clever writing and wonderful play of two very different worlds coming together that make this a winning flick. Fools Rush In is PG-13 for a reason, so it is not for the kids, but it is still one of our favorites after a decade. Next time you want a sharp and funny romantic comedy, don't overlook this one while searching your Blockbuster bins.

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