March 14, 2008

Wide Awake at 4 am

Late night/early morning reflections are sometimes the most profound.

So what's on my mind at this hour? The longing of the human heart. Seems to me, we all go through life looking for one thing, to be significant and make a difference. It's how we do it that determines what we leave behind. Who we are, how we treat others.

Do something to make this world a better place. Invest in someone. Provide for those less fortunate. Feed a kid, lend an ear to a hurting friend, use your money for something important, invest your time. Check out Compassion International if you want to meet the needs of a kid who has a difficult life.

Why look for significance when you can easily find it? The Creator of the universe says we are important enough that He wants to know us. That works for me. And since we are designed to be like Him, caring for others, let's make good use of that and serve someone else.

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