March 31, 2008

Time Passages

Aloha Airlines just let its employees know it will no longer continue operations. Really too bad as almost 3,000 people drew their income from this inter-island Hawaiian carrier. Families are in shock and trying to reevaluate their lives and their future.

This closing impacts two good friends of mine, pilots who have served this airline and its passengers for many, many years. I do not know what they will do and how this will affect their families in the long term. I do know this, the God they serve will be present in this hard time and will give them hope and direction in the midst of it all. They have placed their faith in Him long ago- and now, again, it is time to have this faith tested- and for it to be proven true.

The promise of life in Jesus doesn't mean things are easy. It just means He is true when He says He will never leave us or turn away from us. That is where our peace and our comfort remains, not in the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

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