March 28, 2008

Our Future in Colors

Still on my Tomorrowland kick, so here is another piece of Disneyland history. This map comes from the 1957 souvenir book. After an introduction by Walt, each land has a color map, an introductory description and then a detailed list of shops, restaurants, attractions (many labeled "rides"), exhibits and services. To top it off, all this is followed by some great period photographs.

If you enlarge this piece, in addition to the "nifty" graphic artwork, you'll clearly see an empty space where the Matterhorn now sits and a section labeled "International Land (Future Development Area)". Major additions like the Submarine Lagoon, the Carousel Theater and Space Mountain have yet to be added as well. Interestingly, most of the core buildings in place then are still around today.

As we speak, Tomorrowland continues to evolve. Internet rumors say change is on its way. What will the future hold? Only the Imagineers know for sure, but I bet it will be colorful.

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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