June 14, 2018

Oriental Land Company Makes Me Cancel My Plans Once Again

The Oriental Land Company has once again put an end to my plans to finally visit Tokyo Disney Resort. I'd been carefully, mentally, patiently, looking at an opportunity to go when the Beauty and the Beast mini-land made its debut at Tokyo Disneyland. Now, the announcement of their new addition to Tokyo Disney Sea will make me delay my plans for even a few more years. Why? 

Can't wait to experience the lantern scene myself.

I just love Tangled. It's my second favorite animated film after Beast. There's certainly no more beautiful animation art in any Disney film than the lantern scene. The attraction itself should be amazing. And finally Rapunzel's tower leads to a real ride and not just to a couple of restrooms!

C'mon everybody...

Plus I can't wait to see what they do with Peter Pan and a whole new Neverland. It's a very charming yet thrilling piece of property at Disneyland Paris, but my bet is this next generation version takes it even further. 

Yo Ho!

An early rumor even suggests Shanghai Disneyland's Pirates technology could be used here. No matter. This expansion will further cement Tokyo's place as the primary leader in the Disney world.

I bet this attraction is a genuine E Ticket!

Frozen land should proves itself interesting on a grander scale than what the Imagineers were allowed to do when they brought the film into Epcot's Norway pavilion. (More on that next post on our trip.)

The choice of where to stay will now be more difficult.

I'll still writing the next chapter post about our Disney World trip. yet, even my wife had to ask this morning upon hearing the expansion news, "Why does Tokyo seem to do things so much better?" Wise woman.

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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