June 22, 2018

Maybe in Another Era- It's Over for Timeless

The time has passed. Unless there's another miracle renewal, fan favorite- and in this household too- Timeless has been cancelled. With so many awful to mediocre series being renewed, I shouldn't be surprised that such an elegant and intelligent show would be cancelled on network television.

Thank you to the incredible cast and crew and writers. Special call out to two villains- the wonderful Goran Višnjić, playing one of the most complex and sympathetic bad guys ever; and the deliciously evil Emma, played by Annie Wersching. (She had us mesmerized as Dr. Kelly Nieman on Castle as well.)

Not to say the Good Guys weren't great! This season showed the depth of each character due to some fine acting all around. 

Favorite "fun" episode- Probably "Party at Castle Varlar"...

... or maybe "The Lost Generation", but they are all so, so good! 

Both Season One and Season Two finales left us with a "I can't believe that happened" jaw-dropped mouth. Great writing, great acting, great stories. 

Thanks again, everyone. Well done.

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