February 15, 2018

Death and More Death

As is my habit, I often write blog posts well ahead of their actual publishing. Be it to celebrate a holiday or commemorate a particular date, I try to anticipate what is coming up and write accordingly. 

No one can prepare me for all these mass shootings. Coming from Colorado, the home of Columbine, my heart particularly grieves at the announcement of each tragedy. Of course, I pray, but we also have a very real personal responsibility. 

It's past time for our lawmakers of all political parties to get off their rear ends, and bring a stop to all the available military grade weapons. These are not used for legitimate purposes and those allowed for purchase without extreme background checks. Our amazing law enforcement officials can only do so much. 

Yet, the laws will only go so far. We are a nation that needs to turn its heart back to Jesus, and in doing so, walk away from the sin that so easily entangles us. May He have mercy on us! We are taking a beating, one killing at a time.

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