November 3, 2017

Kevin Spacey Deserves to Die

Kevin Spacey, star of television's House of Cards, was forced to show his own hand. Allegations from other male actors came into the light about their sexual abuse at the hands of Mr. Spacey. More and more stories come up about him preying on minors as well as adults. Coming out as gay at the same time did not make things any better. His decision to seek help is only the beginning, but he will not be able to run away from the pain he has caused others as well as himself. He has to live with that. So does Harvey Weinstein and a host of others. 

As with many people whose crimes are heinous, Kevin may even contemplate suicide. It's a way out many take, including those cowardly attackers who steal innocent lives in New York, Las Vegas, and way too many other places. Perhaps due to abuse, his victims have thought about it as well.

There's just something even more evil when crimes are committed against children. Straight or gay or in between, pedophiles deserve the deepest parts of Hell as far as I'm concerned.

I remember seeing him in a film years ago and sensing he was a creep. I was right. What Mr. Spacey did to those young men is inexcusable. It's totally evil, but it's also human. Our dire human state is one of intense selfishness and brokenness. The Bible calls it sin- and we are all corrupted by it and the choices we have made.  

God's laws designed because of His love to protect us and protect each other. When you break them, nothing good comes from it, and pain is the result. I'd have to learn the hard way, and so do you. We all do. 

Ever spoken against doing and saying these things but chose to follow through anyway?  If so, welcome to the club called humanity, a club for broken and lost people. A club for hypocrites trying to find their way. And a club for everyone who tries get their needs met in ways that hurt others. We're all in it. 

Let's be honest- just because you know the truth doesn't mean you always choose to live it. I know I don't. And I would bet you don't either. Sometimes we are swept away by desire and do the wrong things. Some of us even make it a regular pattern in our life and try to justify it away. 

Truth is, in God's eyes we are all sinners and deserve death. But by God's goodness and His great Love for us, He chose to send Jesus to earth to die for the sins of all men- so that those who would choose to believe in Him, that he died and rose again, would not be destined to life in Hell forever, but would instead live with Him in Heaven for all eternity. We've got to choose to walk His way and turn around from our evil choices. Is it tough? Damn right it is! But there's no other way. God knew we couldn't pay the price on our own by being perfect, so He sent his Son because of his love- making it clear He is the only way to eternal life in Heaven. 

So, yes, Kevin Spacey deserves to die. So do you, and so do I.  Thank God, Jesus paid the price for our sins. Through Him, we can all have a fresh start. What will Kevin do now that his life is falling apart? You get to make the decision or not to follow Christ and walk life out following him, in spite of your sin, your life, your mistakes. I made mine. Hope and peace and a future was the result of my choice. What is your choice and what will be the result of it?


Len Yokoyama said...

That title caught me for a loop...but after reading the entire true! Not only for Mr. Spacey but for all of us. Praise God for His son Christ paying the ultimate price for our salvation!

Mark Taft said...