October 27, 2017


Stop the bullying! Just Stop. Please. All kinds of bullying. On line and in person. I'm sick of it, aren't you? In all its forms. Isn't it amazing, for example, what people will say on face book that they would never say in person? That's one reason I left it.

Look at the news, but look beyond as well. It's not just Harvey Weinstein and sexual abusers like him. Bullying takes many forms as well. It happens in schools, offices, playgrounds, boardrooms, churches, locker rooms, on the highways, and in the White House. Some bullies are straight up aggressive like our current president, and some are passive aggressive, shaming people instead of using intimidation. Like our previous one president. When bullies group together, it's even worse. Just take a close look at your favorite political action group. Or sports team. Or executive board. Take a very close look. See what I mean?

Now look even closer. Some bullies are like you, and some are like me. Every size, shape, color, philosophy and persuasion. Open bigots to liberal-minded folks. It's the human condition to not only prefer ourselves above others but to make sure that we self-promote - and to make sure our desires and preferences are satisfied. 

Physical and verbal intimidation are only two forms of this kind of abuse. Sexual intimidation another. Ridicule, innuendo, and being snarky are other forms of abuse and bullying. Abuse of power from the boardroom to the bedroom and everywhere in between. The list goes on and on because sin runs deep within us. More than we admit, more than we realize, and more than I acknowledge within me. God have mercy on us all.

(Think about this- the most powerful person to ever grace the earth was its humblest resident. You know who I'm talking about.)

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