August 7, 2017

Siren's Revenge at Shanghai Disneyland

Shanghai Disneyland may not have the stellar line up of attractions we saw at the opening of Tokyo Disney Sea, but it has atmosphere and lots of it.

This slice on Imagineering concept art highlights Siren's Revenge, the now almost requisite children's playground that Disney suits deem necessary to add to any park. It's a low tech pirate ship full of hands activities sure to keep kids happy in between the long lines for attractions.

Honestly, like all of Treasure Cove, the realized art is actually quite pretty. It's a testament to the skill of the Imagineering team who can take the thinnest of ideas and turn them into something of worth. Hope they can pull the same thing off with the quick expansion of the park using the Toy Story characters!

(Images copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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