August 31, 2017

Richard Carpenter at Epcot

The year was 1985, just two years after the death of sister Karen Carpenter and two years before the release of his solo album Time. Here was the talented and gifted Richard Carpenter trying to rebuild his career after the most tragic of circumstances. In potentially the best match possible, Richard chose to perform at Epcot's American Gardens Theater. A classy man playing elegant music in a very nice establishment to probably an adoring crowd.

I was not able to get to the park to see him, but I'm positive his show was worth seeing. I had seen him since Karen's passing. His show was sharp, well designed, and enjoyable. Of course, it only highlighted the fact Karen was gone. 

A&M Records was smart enough to give this man a chance to make a couple of solo albums and let him produce several other artists for the label and its associates. All to good result. I wish he'd do more. Maybe something for the Carpenters 50th Anniversary in 2019.

(Thanks to James and Murray at the wonderful A&M Corner for this photo and for cleaning it up! I'd looked for years for this!)

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