August 4, 2017

Live from Universal Orlando Resort- Day Four: Details Abound at the Studios

The last two days of a pretty incredible trip to Universal Orlando begins today. The guys are loving it all with Volcano Bay being a blast and the two main theme parks a great place to hang out. 

No disappointments when it comes to the two Harry Potter themed lands and their stellar line up of attractions, shops and restaurants- straight out of the books and movies.

"Dad, pumpkin juice tastes like apple cider."

Time for more adventures in Diagon Alley

The details are everywhere. Look up! (see below.)

Looks as if the land of Homer is pretty rich in detail as well. Certainly a place for fans of the Simpsons to enjoy some fun! I love how Universal has not been afraid to reach out to the cynical but fun loving generation of the 90s. They need to be kids again!

More to come as things get wrapped up!

 Clearly, it's time for a beer...

 Don't lose your head. Previous customers couldn't help it.

 A look at the future?

Time for ice cream... and some exploration with that magic wand.

 Just waiting for the snot flavored jelly beans next...

 The dragon looks fantastic!

 It would probably help tremendously if I knew the books and movies. But I'm a muggle of the first degree.

I'mm guessing these last two are from inside the ice cream ship.


(Photos copyright Mark Taft.)

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