August 13, 2017

Goodbye to An EPCOT Center Original

Goodbye to EPCOT Center's original Dinosaur attraction. In this writer's humble opinion, the original Universe of Energy in Future World had it all.

What a compelling story told in a unique way with an even more interesting ride vehicle! 

Guardians of the Galaxy is on it's way, and nothing short of a miracle could stop this Marvel attraction from being built. When the suits want it, it will arrive. And probably true to form, fans will find a way to love it and try to convince each other that it fits into the original theme of the park. But it does not. 

It does, however, fit into the new theme for the park: a gathering place of all Disney owned characters making a home wherever they see fit. I am not a fan of this change in approach.  Epcot needs help. There's no argument there. But this is not the way.

Ellen's Energy Adventure is gone. She could return once she makes a hit superhero film, but short of that, I wouldn't bank on it. May Epcot rest in peace. 

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company. Thanks to ChrisFL on the WDWMagic boards for some of the art.)

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