August 25, 2017

Five Great Disney Park Articles Plus One

Looking for articles full of deep Disney theme park history, lots on concept art, one part travelogue and one part trip report?  Look no further than the articles below to find some of my favorites from this blog:

Animal Kingdom's True Life Adventure, an eight part series that grows as the park does. Begin here. Travelogue, artwork, and a look at the philosophy that drives its design. Not to be missed.

The history of Disney's Hollywood Studios. 25 years worth of visiting the park has given me some unique perspective. I was there just a week or so after opening day in 1989. There's more to this park than Star Wars, Toy Story Land and any other intellectual property the Disney suits want to shove in it. What they did right, what they did wrong, and a fan's appreciation.  

The Universal Thrills of Space Mountain. Irresistible! Almost every Magic Kingdom styled park has one- and you can bet there's folks at Shanghai Disneyland who wish they did. This is why.

Peter Pan's Flight. Fly away with him here. A beloved attraction for a reason.

Wish Disneyland would never change. The Disneyland Historical Preservation Society may have a place for you on its membership rolls. Is it a museum? Is it a living breathing thing? Something in between? 

(OK, one more. I missed the 50th anniversary but here's a look at Pirates of the Caribbean at 45. )

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