January 26, 2017

Vintage Tomorrowland- Late 1950's Edition

Sometimes an image captivates me- and such is this one, a vintage view of Disneyland right after the big expansion at the end of the 1950's. The majestic Matterhorn and its bobsled run was a out of the box hit, the first tubular steel coaster ever built. The monorail and skyway buckets sail over the world of Tomorrowland on the way to Fantasyland, while guests take a voyage through liquid space on the classic Submarine Voyage. Nearby, the Autopia lets drivers young and old test  their motoring skills on a freeway of the future. Want more retro Disneyland? Come back tomorrow for some vintage concept art.

The great folks on the WDWMagic boards have posted photos of the day on the Disneyland forums. If you want to see some great pics old and new, it's the place to go. And of course, the always excellent Daveland is full of retro goodness!

(Photograph copyright phruby on WDWMagic.)

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Len Yokoyama said...

I love these vintage shots of Disneyland. I first visited the park in 1973, so that area with the Sky Buckets pretty much looked like the photo.