January 18, 2017

Thinking About Sting

Sometimes an artist has just been away too long. It's certainly the case with Sting- and it is not to his advantage. Love the man's voice, songwriting skill and all around talent, but this album does not reflect his best work.  Part of this assessment comes from years of listening to the man both solo and in various groupings where he continued to shine. 

The new disc, his 12th solo album and his first true rock and roll album in an amazing 13 years- yes, 13 years!- isn't a total fail, but it's close.

The opening number, I Can't Stop Thinking About You, is a catchy, frothy, Police worthy tune. Yet, it's downhill from there and rather quickly. One Fine Day is the best of the rest, leaving a collection of mediocre songs to round it out. Cherry pick these couple of cuts from i-tunes and move on.

Perhaps it's time to put on his still excellent Ten Summoner's Tales or even the later Brand New Day disc and remind myself of the good old days. 


Len Yokoyama said...

"Fields of Gold" is one of my all time fave Sting songs!

Mark Taft said...

Mine, too!