January 6, 2017

Shanghai'd in China

Have Disney park fans been Shanghai'd in Mainland China? I think so. Roaring Rapids is closed indefinitely, food is over priced for the market, and there are too few truly people-pleasing attractions aside from an award winning Pirates of the Caribbean and a much too short Tron Light Cycles Power Run

Park capacity continues to be an issue. There have not been any new attractions announced to help with that issue, but I would anticipate that the Chinese government is hot on Disney's wheels to make sure something happens soon. Perhaps the proposed and needed expansion of the Hong Kong Disneyland resort will up the ante. 

In reality, the investors may be the only real winners here. Disney has used the park to open the Mainland China market to other possibilities- and it says quite a lot that the government ruled in favor of Disney over a locally grown rip-off of the Cars franchise. But that does not help park fans who are victims of over-crowding, broken attractions, and overpriced food. At least this time, Disney doesn't have to contend with overbuilding hotels on the property which bled the Parisian resort to the very brink.

Like the concept art? It's a pretty rare piece- along with a couple others posted recently...

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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