January 4, 2017

Honolulu City Lights (Because You Want More Christmas Photos)

I know the Christmas season has passed, but I wanted to share these photos of the Honolulu City Lights display with readers of Insights and Sounds (It's no secret that Christmas is my favorite time of the year, so maybe you should brace yourselves for holiday posts throughout the year...LOL!). Started in 1985 by then mayor Frank Fasi, this annual event has become a holiday tradition for many of the kama'ainas (locals). New scenes and figures are constantly being added, updated, or retired throughout the years.

My favorite is Santa and Mrs. Claus, with good ole' Saint Nick giving the classic 'shaka' sign (a strong indication of its Hawaiian roots). While it pales in comparison to any Disney scenario, or heavyweights like Rockefeller Center, it's uniquely our own and we gladly embrace it.

If you're ever in the islands during December, make sure to pay a visit to this Hawaiian celebration in downtown Honolulu. It's free to the public and open 24/7!

(Photographs copyright Len Yokoyama.)


Mark Taft said...

GREAT story and photos, Len! (Carpenters fans will also recognize "Honolulu City Lights" as one of the songs on their album "Lovelines"! )

Len Yokoyama said...

I love how your were able to tie this is in to the Carpenters, Mark! Is the "Honolulu City Lights" the same one sung by Keola and Kapono Beamer?

Mark Taft said...

Yes, Len. They discovered on a visit to Hawaii in the 70s and loved it.